Jonny Jacobs

The Everyday Athlete Method
Where performance meets aesthetics.

Everyday Athlete Coaching

Jonny established the Everyday Athlete (EA) Method when he personally wanted to bridge the gap between wanting to look like a bodybuilder but also perform like an endurance athlete.

Through 5 years of experimentation he has found a method that combines the fundamental pillars of performance; strength, fitness and health.

What makes the EA method different to other programmes out there is its simplicity and results. The combination of resistance training, HIIT, moderate intensity cardio and active recovery is what helps build and define you as an Everyday Athlete!


The ea method bodyweight training ebook

The EA Bodyweight Training Ebook:
>40 metabolic conditioning workouts ranging from 5-20 minutes.
>All workouts performed with the use of a timer. EMOM, E2MOM, AMRAP and challenge rep schemes.
>Designed to challenge the beginner through to the advanced trainer.
>Interactive Ebook on your phone with all workouts including a video link.
£20 early release price till all videos are ready!

The EA Method Single KB/DB Training Ebook

>30 strength and conditioning workouts ranging from
10-30 minutes.
>This Ebook is an ideal step up from bodyweight only HIIT workouts, those looking to build strength and those looking for some seriously challenging workouts.
>The workouts programmed will challenge the beginner to advanced trainer with with full body and isolation exercises.
>Interactive Ebook on your phone with all workouts including a video link.

THE EA Hybrid Method Ebook

>25 mixed modality training workouts ranging from 5-40 minutes.
>Workout equipment used; barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, assault bike, C2 bike, rower, ski and road.
>These workouts have been designed and tested for those willing to go beyond their comfort zone to achieve their ultimate physical fitness goal.
>No gymnastics or olympic lifting exercises..
>Interactive Ebook on your phone with all workouts including a video link.

About me

Jonny has worked in the sport and fitness industry for 19 years gaining his personal trainer qualification back in 2001. Since then he has gone on to complete his BSc in Sports Science, MSc in Strength & Conditioning along with an extensive list of CPD.
He has been fortunate enough to of worked with and learnt from some incredible coaches, teams, athletes and clients including Wasps RFC, Saracens RFC, The British Army Rugby team, serving British soldiers, trail runners, bodybuilders, CrossFitters and the everyday athlete!

Online Coaching

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